Game Developer

Game Development

Oh to be a game developer – the secret dream of 90% of the nerds who enrolled for their Bachelors in Computer Science. Game development is what I would like to call a “high art”, it uses all forms of art that there is and throws it together with interaction – it’s the ultimate art form.So I always wanted to make games, and built my own mini prototypes and concepts since I knew how to program. But as anyone in the industry would know: Making games in your free time is no easy matter! Every time I get a ways into a project then something comes up in the rest of my life that needs my attention, and in the end the project is left orphaned on the heap of cool ideas.

Nevertheless, I gained some skill in game development, even though maybe just on a hobbyist level. From 2D game development to 3D, mobile and web. I like to think that if I one day end up doing game development full time that I will be able to excel quite quickly.

My game development skillset:

HTML5 web games
Unity 3D
Gamemaker Studio

Game Developer